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Emergency and heritage

The territories are frequently confronted with natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. The priority is to ensure the inhabitants’ safety, their evacuation and their relocation. Safeguarding heritage is also an issue and a challenge as it involves preserving the memory and history of a territory and its people.
The agency RL&A intervenes following such events. The very fine analyses carried out on the damaged buildings make it possible to understand their ingenuity. The respect of the historical and spititual authenticity and of the materials is a priority as well as the necessary reinforcements in coherence with the buildings’ original structures.
Knowing how to ensure continuity from a "wounded"  in existence and give life back to the territories is a true philosophy.



Vue de la "cicatrice" entre la partie conservée et la partie reconstruite de la coupole de
Santa Maria Del Sufraggio, l'Aquila, Italie - Voir le projet

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