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The Synergy between Heritage and Ecology is nowadays an Evidence : the built heritage that comes to us, whether it has a recognized historical value or not, constitutes above all a precious material resource that we must use wisely in the current climatic and environmental context.
RL&A's approach to any rehabilitation/restoration project is always based on the objective of frugality of means, always seeking to restore in conservtion in order to replace what is strictly necessary, with the aim of saving means and limiting waste.
We surround ourselves with specialised design offices, which themselves have a strong environmental approach, in order to propose solutions that consume little energy and thus contribute to conserving heritage while meeting energy and climate challenges !
Finally, the approach implemented within our company has sobriety as its key word. This approach is carried out with the support of all our employees, who are all aware of environmental issues, in order to benefit from the support of the entire team, which is essential for a sustainable approach.