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Château d'Arques-la-bataille (76)

DRAC Normandie

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Civil architecture

Château d'Arques-la-bataille (76)

The castle of Arques-la-Bataille was one of the most important norman fortress from  the 10th century to the end of the 16th century. A great battle took place around the castle in 1589, won by Henri IV of France against the duke of Mayenne.
It’s form here that the fortress has been progressivly forgotten. Abandonned for many centuries, the ruined castle has been protected as a historic monument in 1875. The explosion in 1944 of a ammunition depot built by the german army at the right of the main entrance worsened the state of the building.
Nowaday, the fortress is in a state of ruin and is closed to the public.
The current operations concern the consolidation of the « porte primitive », the former main entrance of the castle, and the northern wall.
Those intervention aim to achieve the securisation of the site and to make it open to the public.

/ Listed as a National Landmark