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Courthouse - Carpentras (84)

Ministère de la Justice, Sous-direction de l’immobilier, A.R.E d’Aix-en-Provence
5387500 € HT
2800 m²

RL&A Architectes, representative
Philippe Tinchant, économist

Civil architecture

Courthouse - Carpentras (84)

Complete restoration - Upgrading – Functional reorganization

Designed in the seventeenth by the architect François de la Valfenière for Cardinal Bichi, the court house of Carpentras is an ancient episcopal palace. Over time, it was modified according to the needs and the successive functions. The building still includes many original volumes and sumptuous painted decorations dating from the late seventeenth.
The goal was to restore the monument, by clearing the spaces of decorations taken from modern partitions, and to ensure a more dignified presentation of the building. Furthermore, the challenge required adapting to needs and redeploying the program in this clear space, with a functional reorganization of the various services and the users.
As it is an exceptional building, the restructuring project combined the up to standards with the restoration of decorations and the restitution of original volumes.

/ Listed as a National Landmark