Ex-siège de la Banque de France – Lyon (69)

Vinci Immobilier Résidentiel
11800000 € HT
8875 m²

RL&A Architectes, Conservation architect
Philippe Tinchant, économist

Civil architecture

Ex-siège de la Banque de France – Lyon (69)

Restoration and rehabilitation

The building at 14 rue de la Republique hosted the Banque de France since its construction in 1857. The first two levels, under glass roof, lend themselves perfectly to the reception of the public. Thus, a department store has been installed. The upper floors are fully dedicated to housing, as originally. The former archives are converted into housing as well.

The 16 rue de la République building was originally the Grand Hôtel de Lyon, with shops on the ground floor. The project helped to find this provision. The old rooms on the floors accommodate housing distributed by a monumental atrium restored to the identical. In the first floor rooms with art deco decor, which housed the lounges of the hotel, are installed offices. Finally, the ground floor has regained its commercial vocation.