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Fort de Lahore - (Pakistan)

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Fort de Lahore - (Pakistan)

Master Plan for the Lahore fort precinct and buffer zone

The site, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981, consists of the Fort and Shalamar Gardens. It characterizes Mughal artistic expression at its peak in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, composed of Islamic, Persian, Hindu and Mongol influences. Fort Lahore is one of the major witnesses of Mughal architecture with its conceptual intelligence, decorative refinement and great control of water. It unfolds from the defense fortress and its high brick walls and fortified gates, to the pleasure palace with its marble mansions and refreshing fountains.
The master plan made it possible to find and understand the archaeological remains, as well as to analyze the origin of the disorders observed. The sanitary state is mixed: at the same time resistant thanks to the excellence of the know-how and very worrying by its challenges to the stability.
Thus, while maintaining its function of amenity in the heart of the city, the fort will become a true center of interpretation of the architecture and decoration of the Mughal civilization.

/ UNESCO World Heritage