Galerie Philibert Delorme - Lyon (69)

SCIC Habitat Rhône-Alpes
197000 € HT

RL&A Architectes, architect
Philippe Tinchant, économist
Les Éclairagistes associés, Fluid engineering

Civil architecture

Galerie Philibert Delorme - Lyon (69)

Rehabilitation and restoration

The gallery of the Bullioud house is the first known and preserved work of the architect Philibert Delorme, dated by itself from 1536. It represents a precious testimony of what Delorme knew of the modern architectural vocabulary at the end of his Italian stay from the 1530s.
A first restoration campaign was carried out in the 1980s, uncovering scenes from the 16th century. Then in 2016, the campaign of surveys of decorations shows that a large number of these inscriptions is preserved.
The works concerned the rehabilitation of the gallery (rainwater evacuation and infiltration), the restoration of the roof and facade, the restoration of Renaissance decorations and the revision of joinery and ironwork.

/ Listed as a National Landmark