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Hôtel de Ville - Valence (26)


RL&A Architectes
Ecobis, Economiste
Sletec Ingeniérie, BET Fluides

Civil architecture

Hôtel de Ville - Valence (26)

Restoration of the ceremonial lounges and design of signage

The City Hall of Valence built on the former Saint Marie convent's site directly refers in its architecture to the 19th century eclecticism. The building's majesty exalts republican values. The staterooms and their decorations celebrate Valentine's know-how and present a homogeneous and authentic decor. The work undertaken aims at restoring the stateroom's mural paintings, furniture, tapestry and chandelier. It is part of an overall project to restore the City Hall, since 2017. A new contemporary signage system has also been designed.

/ Listed as a National Landmark