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Maison des Têtes - Valence (26)

Ville de Valence

RL&A Architectes
Ecobis, Economiste
Michalska-Zaborski, Architecte-scénographe
Laurent Laidet, Muséographe
BET Aduno, BET fluides

Civil architecture

Maison des Têtes - Valence (26)

Installation of an architecture and heritage interpretation centre (CIAP)

A 16th century mansion house, emblematic of the heritage of the city of Valencia, takes its name from its many sculpted heads on the street front. This is characteristic of the flamboyant Gothic style mixed with the Renaissance style. The Head House is composed of four main buildings built on four levels, distributed around an inner courtyard. The project concerns the installation of an Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage. This involves carrying out all the interior design work as well as the implementation relating to museography and signage scenography. The ground floor and first floor, on the street and in the courtyard, will be refurbished for a public opening.

/ Listed as a National Landmark