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Palais de Justice - Nîmes (30)

Ministère de la Justice
935000 € HT
160 m²

RL&A Architectes
Laurent Taillandier, Economiste
Ingeflux DGCI, BET Fluides

Civil architecture

Palais de Justice - Nîmes (30)

Restoration of the public hearing room

Built between 1838 and 1848, Nîmes's Palace of Justice is one of the neoclassical architecture masterpieces under Louis-Philippe. It is an exemplary expression of the "eloquent" and moralistic architecture defined at the end of the 18th century. Built as a temple of Justice, responding to a quadruple criteria retrieved for justice: functionality, symmetry, distance and pedagogy.
RL & Associates has undertaken the old palace’s courtrooms restoration with its décor, representative of the neoclassical palace majestically embodying the equality of all before the law.

Some elements, representations of the original design, have been preserved and restored, such as decorations with faux marble, painted canvas or furniture. It was the occasion of discovering and restoring the bright original colours, under the dark and dull modern repaints.  Some furniture and chandeliers have been created, in neoclassical style, and realized by cabinetmakers and bronze artisans, who could express their best skills.