Saint-Bénézet Bridge - Avignon (84)

Avignon Tourisme
200000 € HT

RL&A Architectes
Philippe Tinchant, économist

Bridges and fountains

Saint-Bénézet Bridge - Avignon (84)

Improving accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility

Inseparable from the city of Avignon since the twelfth century, the Saint-Bénézet bridge has undergone several transformations and reconstructions.
Today, only four of the bridge’s arches still exist, creating a kind of belvedere looking out over the River.
The bridge is visited by large numbers of tourists, but the highly damaged foundations limited accessibility and did not allow visits to be carried out under secure conditions. The project therefore aimed to carefully repair the length of the bridge in order to improve its accessibility.

/ Listed as a National Landmark