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Troglodyte site of Barry - Bollène (84)

Mairie de Bollène
76300 € HT

RL&A Architectes, architect
Philippe Tinchant, économist

Civil architecture

Troglodyte site of Barry - Bollène (84)

Restauration de la chapelle et du mur médiéval

Inhabited until the beginning of the 20th century, the Barry site remains a fine example of troglodyte architecture. Nestled in the relief of a cliff, the village is located in the heart of an urbanized space from Roman times. The rock is soft, allowing the inhabitants to dig caves relatively easily. Exposed to the south and sheltered from the wind, the site has developed and lasted until the 20th century.
The masonry and the rocks of the houses had become very unstable, which led to the closure of the site to the public.
The Bollène City Council has entrusted RL&A with the master plan and project management for the emergency works on this site. Barry is a testimony of the adaptation of human habitat to a controlled and respected natural space.

/ Listed as a National Landmark