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Viaduc des Rochers Noirs - Soursac (19)

Département de la Corrèze
8478919 € HT

RL & A, architecte mandataire
SETEC TPI, Diades, BET Structure

Bridges and fountains

Viaduc des Rochers Noirs - Soursac (19)

The Rocher Noir Viaduct located between the communes of Lapleau and Soursac, was built between 1911 and 1913. It was used by the Corrèze departemental tramway line to cross the Luzege valley. Following the closure of the line in december 1959, the railway was dismantled and replaced in 1963 by a Chemin Departemental, then closed to road traffic in 1985 and closed to the public in 2005.

The bridge is one of the last remaining examples of a revolutionnary suspension system developed by engineer Albert Gisclard, commander of the Engineering Corps and a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique.

The current state of disrepair of the bridge requires major renovation before it can be reopened to the public.

The RL&A agency, working with SETEC, has come up with a project that aims to preserve as much as possible of the structure's specific features while adapting it to a new use for pedestrians and cyclists.