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Maison du Chamarier - Lyon (69)

Société ASL Maison du Chamarier
6458000 € HT
1022 m²

RL&A, Architectes
Laurent Taillandier, Economiste
Nerco, BET Fluides

Civil architecture

Maison du Chamarier - Lyon (69)

The Maison du Chamarier is a unique example of the town's heritage: leaning against the last vestige of the 13th century canonical rampart, this well-preserved Renaissance house has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1943.
The house as we know it today dates back to a major construction campaign in the early 15th century. The pre-existing buildings from the 13th and 14th centuries were incorporated into the new layout and the house was given a new façade in Rue Saint Jean, with a spiral staircase and loggias in large white limestone units. Painted decorations adorn the reception rooms on the first floor.
In the 17th century, following the destruction perpetrated by the Protestant troops, the house was transformed into an investment property. The luxurious 18th century flats deteriorated over time until the last occupants left in 1987.
No work has been undertaken since then, with the exception of the courtyard facades and the roofs, which were restored in 2005 by Didier Repellin, Chief Architect of Historic Monuments.
The current project concerns the complete renovation of the building with the development of business premises on the ground floor and 8 flats on the upper floors.
The major challenge is to meet the requirements of comfort and current standards for collective housing and shops, while preserving and enhancing the archaeological and heritage remains (closed roof, decorations, etc. ....).
The work, carried out under strict archaeological supervision, will improve knowledge of this exceptional building and perpetuate traditional know-how for the long-term conversion of this remarkable and emblematic heritage of Lyon.