Chapel of the Hôtel-Dieu: a large-scale project that continues with the restoration of the western facade and two bell towers

December 2018

Emblematic of Baroque art in Lyon, the chapel of the Hôtel-Dieu is historically and spatially related to the site of the Grand-Hôtel-Dieu. The restoration program initiated by the Hospices Civils de Lyon in 2012, currently extends to the exteriors.
RL&A continues its mission of project management for the restoration of the building. See the project


Gothic portal in Salles-Arbuissonnas in Beaujolais - Restoration

November 2018

The Town Hall of Salles-Arbuissonnas in Beaujolais entrusted to RL&A the restoration of the Gothic portal, located against the southern flank of the Saint-Martin church.
Consisting of several levels of elevation, the foliage details are characteristic of the flamboyant Gothic style.

The project, which lasted two months, ended on November 3, 2018.

Lahore Fort, Pakistan, ecrin of Mughal artistic expression

July 2018

An exceptional testimony of Mughal architecture, Lahore Fort represents the extreme refinement and mastery of the techniques of a civilization at the crossroads of Islamic, Persian, Hindu and Mongolian arts. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the fort and its gardens are the subject of a program for their preservation and restoration.
The agency RL&A has been selected to lead this large-scale project on the entire site.

Inauguration of the Bartholdi fountain - Lyon - 2018-03-22

March 2018

After two years of restoration work, the Bartholdi fountain was inaugurated on March 22 by the Mayor of Lyon, Georges Képénékian.
Under the direction of Didier Repellin, in collaboration with Sixte Doussau, the shipyard has worked different specific trades for this extraordinary work.
See the project


2018 RMHP Fellow

December 2017

Sixte Doussau nominated 28e follower of the Richard Morris Hunt Prize for a 6-months research project : "Urgences climatiques et patrimoine, prévention et action". Its study will address issues related to the stabilization of buildings and affected areas and the development of future means of protection and prevention.
Interview de S.Doussau

Le Grand Hôtel Dieu de Lyon - Book

September 2017

This book presents the richness and complexity of the architectural and social evolution of this building, punctuated by human, scientific and artistic anecdotes. It is illustrated with exceptional archival documents and photos of F. Ferranti.
Ombline d'Aboville et Frédérique Malotaux, Le Grand Hôtel Dieu de Lyon, Libel, 2017

Il Pincio, il giardino di Roma

December 2014

Didier REPELLIN, Décembre 2014 : Scheda storica sullo svolgimento dei lavori di scavo (Workshop organisé par l’Académie de France à Rome et l’Ecole Française de Rome : Il Pincio, il giardino di Roma)

The restoration of the Bartholdi Fountain in Lyon

December 2014

Didier REPELLIN, December 2014: The restoration of the Bartholdi fountain in Lyon (Symposium organized by ICOMOS France - Paris: Metal open air)

Heritage restoration in Île-de-France

November 2014

Antoine MADELENAT, several articles on the restoration of heritage in Île-de-France, in Beaux-Arts, special edition, November 2014


The restoration work of the Trinita dei Monti

October 2014

Didier REPELLIN, October 2014: The restoration work of the Trinita dei Monti: findings, interpretations, discoveries (Symposium organized by the French School of Rome. Research and discoveries in Trinita dei Monti 20 years of projects)

The Chapel of the Hotel-Dieu in Lyon

October 2014

Didier REPELLIN, « Un patrimoine à remettre en valeur », in La chapelle de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon. Carnet d’une restauration, Lyon, Ed. Lyonnaises d’Art et d’Histoire – Hospices Civils de Lyon, 2014, p. 68-72.

The Cathedral of St John Baptist in Lyon

September 2014

Didier REPELLIN, "The Cathedral of St. John Baptist de Lyon. The interior restoration of the choir "in Monumental, 2014-2, p.40-41.

Architect meets innovations

June 2014

Didier REPELLIN, June 2014: The Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon: a palace to heal the soul, mind and body (Conferences organized by Architect @ Work - Lyon: Sensory Architecture)

The Historic Courthouse in Lyon

May 2013

Didier REPELLIN, « A l’exception répondre par l’exception » and « Restaurer : les savoir-faire d’aujourd’hui à la hauteur de ceux d’hier », in La restauration du Palais de Justice Historique de Lyon, Lyon: EMCC, 2013, p. 50-61 and p. 96-115.

Conferences in Djibouti

March 2013

- Conferences in Djibouti, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, Algeria, Hungary, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Conferences in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Egypt, at the request of UNESCO.
- Conferences in Singapore, at the request of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Singapore.
- Conferences in the United States, at the request of the French Heritage Society and the National Trust.
- Conferences in Belgium at the request of the Walloon

Lo Manthang has an exceptional value

February 2013

Comparative Analysis of Lo Manthang as part of its nomination on World Heritage List, IPRAUS-ENSAPB / CNRS. 'Lo Manthang has an exceptional value', UNESCO interview, website of the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, 2013

See the interview

Ubeda y Baeza

October 2012

Didier REPELLIN, at the request of ICOMOS :
- Ubeda-Baeza (Spain)
- Alcala de Henares (Spain)

French establishments in Rome

September 2011

Didier REPELLIN, "The French establishments in Rome" (several articles), in Monumental, 2011-2.

The grace of a cathedral

September 2011

Scientific co-direction of Lyon. The grace of a cathedral, Strasbourg, La nuée bleue, 2011.

The fortified city of Lo Manthang

February 2011

Maïe KITAMURA, La cité fortifiée de Lo Manthang, Mustang, nord du Népal, Paris : éditions Recherches, 2011

Reviving a sacred place: the hermitage of Samdrupling

July 2010

Maïe KITAMURA, « Reviving a sacred place: the hermitage of Samdrupling », in Mustang, the Artistic Heritage of an Ancient Himalayan Kingdom, Mumbai: Marg, pp.148-159

The restoration of the 18th century decorations in the church of Brunoy

September 2007

Antoine MADELENAT, « The restoration of the 18th century decorations in the church of Brunoy », in Monumental, 2007-2