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The restoration of the western facade of Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye

The great western façade of Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye was built in the mid 15th century by the Antonine friars. The Department of Isère, the DRAC and the commune launched a major restoration project, which took 2 years to complete, under the supervision of RL&A. Architects.
This joint presentation by the architect contractors and engineers was given at the Rocalia natural stone exhibition in Lyon on 7 december and details the collaborative approach to the project, its results ands its future.

The restoration of the Bartholdi Fountain in Lyon

Didier REPELLIN, December 2014: The restoration of the Bartholdi fountain in Lyon (Symposium organized by ICOMOS France - Paris: Metal open air)

Il Pincio, il giardino di Roma

Didier REPELLIN, Décembre 2014 : Scheda storica sullo svolgimento dei lavori di scavo (Workshop organisé par l’Académie de France à Rome et l’Ecole Française de Rome : Il Pincio, il giardino di Roma)

The restoration work of the Trinita dei Monti

Didier REPELLIN, October 2014: The restoration work of the Trinita dei Monti: findings, interpretations, discoveries (Symposium organized by the French School of Rome. Research and discoveries in Trinita dei Monti 20 years of projects)

Architect meets innovations

Didier REPELLIN, June 2014: The Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon: a palace to heal the soul, mind and body (Conferences organized by Architect @ Work - Lyon: Sensory Architecture)

Conferences in Djibouti

- Conferences in Djibouti, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, Algeria, Hungary, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Conferences in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Egypt, at the request of UNESCO.
- Conferences in Singapore, at the request of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Singapore.
- Conferences in the United States, at the request of the French Heritage Society and the National Trust.
- Conferences in Belgium at the request of the Walloon Heritage Institute.

Ubeda y Baeza

Didier REPELLIN, at the request of ICOMOS :
- Ubeda-Baeza (Spain)
- Alcala de Henares (Spain)