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Statue équestre de Louis XIV

The bronze equestrian statue of Louis XIV was created by the sculptor François-Frédéric Lemot in 1825.

The Metropole of Lyon decided to take charge of the removal and restoration of the statue of Louis XIV and its base, due to the urgent need to intervene in view of their deterioration.

After 9 months of renovation, the equestian statue of Louis XIV, a symbol of the city of Lyon is back on the Place Bellecour.

Work around the building will continue until 22 may 2024.

Eglise St-Nizier

Built in the 14th century, Saint-Nizier church in Lyon's 2nd arrondissement is a major building in the flamboyant gothic style and a historic parish church for the city's merchantes and bourgeoisie. It has been protected as a Historic Monument since the first list was drawn up in 1840.
Since the 1970s, extensive work has been carried out on the roof enclosure, nave and transepts to ensure the conservation and enhancement of this exceptional heritage.
A restoration programme has been set up by the City of Lyon to ensure the long term preservation of this religious heritage owned by the municipality.
the aim to restore the south aisle of the chruch and its 5 side chapels, as well as the mosaics in the crypt.
The work involves the facings, painted decorations, stained glass windows, altars and altarpieces, mosaics, wooden furniture, chapel raillings and lighting.

Casino de Thonon-les-Bains

The Thonon-les-Bains casino was built in 1905 as part of the developement of the spa park. Its architecture is a harmonious blend of monumental classical architecture, Art Nouveau influences and elements of wooden architecture giving this convivial venue a prestigious yet warm atmospher.

The town of Thonon-les-Bains, under the project management of RL&A Architectes, wanted to carry out an ambitious renovation of this emblematic building of its spa heritage in order to recreate a place of conviviality in keeping with its original purpose. The conversion will also restore the building's original facadees which help to integrate it into its landscaped surroundings.

The restoration of the western facade of Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye

The great western façade of Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye was built in the mid 15th century by the Antonine friars. The Department of Isère, the DRAC and the commune launched a major restoration project, which took 2 years to complete, under the supervision of RL&A. Architects.
This joint presentation by the architect contractors and engineers was given at the Rocalia natural stone exhibition in Lyon on 7 december and details the collaborative approach to the project, its results ands its future.


In the framework of the Seminar on the Valorisation of Archaeological Spaces at the Royal Citadel of Thang Long, organised by the Citadel Conservation Centre and the City of Toulouse/Toulouse Métropole, Maïe Kitamura presented the conservation issues related to the Archaeology Museum project, in partnership with Studio Milou, which are as follows :
1/ Founding a building on archaeological remains : the principle of micropiles.
2/ To conserve the remains that are currently exposed to the elements.
3/ Protect the remains, enhance them and present them to the plublic.
4/ Drain and manage rainwater ad rising groundwater by reactivating the ancient networks.
The aim is to present the intervention methodology and concrete examples that will put these issues into perspective and the way RL&A will approach the subjects within the team.

Viaduc des Rochers Noirs

The Viaduct is located between the communes of Soursac and Lapleau. Restoration work is planned before iti reopened to the public.

Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise - Restoration of the Collegiate Church

The Collegiate church of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise has been listed in its entirety as a Historic Monument since 1920. The RL&A architectural firm has been commissioned to carry out a historical study and a heritage diagnosis which will enable us to understand the changes made to the building and to identify the heritage issues.

Article published in the weekly newspaper "Le Pays Roannais"

Maison du Chamarier

Restoration of the facade in rue Saint Jean
Article published in the magazine Renaissance du Vieux Lyon

Restoration of Grand Salon de Vaux-le-Vicomte

At the centre of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is the Grand Salon, around which the accomodation and gardens are organised.
The architect Louis Le Vau designed an oval room decorated with stucco, under a dome nearly 18m high, for which the painter Charles Le Brun planned to create an exceptional fresco, a true hymn to the sun,never executed. For almost 200 years, the dome remained undecorated until the palace was restored in the 1840s. A painter-decorator represented a sky dotted with clouds with an eagle in the centre. This fresco, too, was not completed and suffered from the ravages of time.
In 2020, the architectural firm RL & Associés was commissioned to restore the entire Grand Salon. The fresco, which had been fairly well executed, was covered with a reversible whitewash that would allow Charles Le Brun's drawing to be projected digitally.

Church of Saint Maurice de Gourdans (01)

The priory church of Saint-Maurice, founded in the 11th century, has undergone a vast restoration operation, in particular on the biblical painted decorations that adorn the nave and the choir.
This exceptional project led to the discovery of a second set of paintings dating from the beginning of the century, perfectly preserved under a thick layer of whitewash.

Fountain of the Porte de Saint Cloud (75)

The fountain "Les sources de la Seine" located at the Porte de Saint Cloud in Paris has just been restored, after two years of work. It had been in a state of disrepair and abandonment for several decades.

Yet it is masterpiece in several respects : a masterpiece of decorative art from the 1930s by the sculptor Paul Landowski, but also a masterpiece of urban planning to create a monumental square at the gates of Paris in place of the old ramparts, and finally a technological masterpiece, as it was the first illuminated fountain in Paris, inaugurated for the 1937 Univeral Exposition.

Abbey of Saint Antoine (38)

Restoration of the facade and the interior of the Abbey of Saint Antoine.
Video report of France 3.