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Didier Repellin

General Inspector for Historical Monuments (h)
Chief Architect in Historical Monuments (h)
State-certified Architect, National School of Architecture of Lyon
Member of ICOMOS and the Smithsonian Institution

Always working as part of a team with local architects, art historians, archaeologists, engineers and landscape architects, Didier Repellin sees heritage as a way of bringing cultures together, linking the generations and joining the past to the future.
He participated in the creation of RL&Associés in 2014. He is the manager.
Didier Repellin has worked on the restoration, refurbishment and rehabilitation of historic buildings in Paris (Palais du Quai d’Orsay-Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and various départements, among them the Rhône (the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, the Historic Palais de Justice, the Cathedral of Lyon and the Convent de la Tourette of Le Corbusier). In Vaucluse, Didier Repellin has restored a number of listed buildings, among them those on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Roma, he has worked on the restoration of the Coliseum and the French embassy in the Vatican City, and he has been in charge of the restoration of French buildings for twenty years (the Villa Médicis, the Convent de la Trinité-des-Monts, and the Saint-Louis-des-Français Church). In Naples, he was in charge of the restoration of the Auberge Royale des Pauvres.
International work has been a constant feature of Didier Repellin’s professional career and extends far beyond the borders of Europe : Pavillon Napoléon in the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Islamic Museum in Penang (Malaysia), residency of the French embassy in Tunis, Lahore fort (Pakistan), consultant in Singapore. He has carried out many expert missions (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and Bangladesh) as an international consultant on World Heritage for ICOMOS.