Sixte Doussau

Conservation Architect
Postgraduate degree from School of Chaillot (specialization in ancient monuments preservation)
State-certified Architect, ENSA Lyon
Civil Engineer, Ecole Centrale of Lyon

Sixte Doussau has worked with Didier Repellin since 2009 on restoration projects in France and abroad : Paris and the southeastern region, Rome, Tunis and Lahore.
He participated in the creation of RL&Associés in 2014 and acts as a partner and project manager.
His dual training as an engineer and architect allows him to apprehend the analysis and diagnosis of buildings with a vision that is both structural and architectural. As such, he works on many sensitive buildings. Following the earthquake of April 2009, he carried out an analysis of the structures of the Santa Maria Del Suffragio church in L'Aquila (Italy), which was designed in the 18th century with seismic conceptions of the time. In Rome, on the Palazzo Farnese, he performs an analysis of the cracks observed, based on the history of the construction and a monitoring of the evolution of the movements. He is currently leading the restoration and reinforcement of the church of St. Pierre de Chabrillan (Drôme).
28th winner of the Richard Morris Hunt Prize, he was named "2018 RMHP Fellow". His six-month research project in the United States is entitled "Climate Emergencies and Heritage, Prevention and Action". Its study thus aimed to broaden the scope of its reflection to new responses adapted to the emergency context in terms of stabilization of buildings and affected areas as well as the development of future protection and prevention means.