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Historical studies

Realized within the RL&A agency by a qualified historian, the historical study is essential to apprehend the building. In fact, it allows us to rediscover the past and the essence of a building.
True methodical and scientific investigation, it aims to trace the stages of construction of the monument, the materials used, the economic, political and social conditions of its construction. It lists the various post-construction interventions, such as work campaigns and their impact on the building.
The historical study is made from inventory and stocktaking of existing archives on the subject. The rigorous analysis of the written and iconographic sources makes it possible to know with precision the architectural evolution of the building, and to establish an archaeological synthesis and a critique of authenticity.
Conducted in close collaboration with the architects team, the historical study contributes to the creatiton of a heritage inventory of the building and constitutes the basis of the diagnosis established in the field.

18th century engraving of the Hôtel-Dieu by J.G Soufflot - See the project