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The Mur Pontillac

The Mur Pontillac, located in the historical center of Orange and dating from the 1st century, is a remain of the roman Forum western wall. The maintenance and consolidation work have been completed, putting an end to the risk of deterioration and making the entire monument safe, thus ensuring the preservation over time and better comprehension of the building.

The Heritage Days

Presentation, by Didier Repellin, on 19/09/2020 during Heritage Day, of the launch of the consolidation and restoration work on the western façade of the Abbey of St Antoine.
Built to house the relics of St. Anthony, the abbey is one of the most remarkable Gothic achievements of the Dauphiné. The western façade, built in molasse stone, is deeply degraded: weathering of the facings and carvings as a result of the ageing of the stone, black sliders, invasive vegetation.

Completion of the emergency works on the Saint Eutrope Hill

The Colline Saint-Eutrope in Orange is an emblematic place of the city. An exceptional landscaped site, it groups together archaeological remains from antiquity to modern times and 19th century landscaping.
Urgent work to secure the archeological remains have just been completed. They precede the enhancement works which are currently being studied (design development completed). They aimed to secure the remains of the medieval castle of Orange-Nassau, the ancient "Capitole", the postern and the classic "crève-coeur" rock by interventions such as the removal of dangerous stores, shoring and consolidation.

Restoration work on Horloge Charvet

The « Horloge Charvet », named after its designer, called "Horloge aux Guignols" built in 1864, it is located rue de la Poulaillerie, acquired by the City of Lyon in 2012. A restoration project of the Horloge aux Guignols, began in mid-June. It will then be hung on the façade of the Hôtel de Gadagne, a more relevant location as it houses the Museum of the History and the Museum of the marionnette arts of the City of Lyon. The original wooden frame having disappeared, a new frame is created as a jeweler's window display, a case finely treated for precious objects such as jacquemarts and their mechanisms, emblem of Lyon's heritage.

Partnership with Studio Milou - Singapore

Partnership between RL&A Architectes Agency and the Studio Milou

Restoration of the Bartholdi Fountain in Lyon, an exceptional project

The Bartholdi Fountain, inaugurated on 22 September 1892 in Lyon, was installed on the Place des Terreaux and is a National historic Landmark. A historical study, carried out by RL & A has allowed a better knowledge of the work. General restoration work was undertaken between 2016 and 2018 as no complete restoration had been carried out since its creation. The remarkable work carried out by the Fonderie de Coubertin to give back the high quality of the sculpture.
Article published in the magazine Monumental by Didier Repellin and Sixte Doussau in a special volume dedicated to hydraulic heritage.

Franco-Singaporean collaboration

Article published by the Singaporean Ministry URA to celebrate 30 years of Franco-Singaporean collaboration on the restoration of historical heritage.

The hidden side of the Hôtel Dieu in Lyon

This film, directed by Hervé Vacheresse, introduces us to this emblematic Lyonnais Hospital since its creation around 1137, through archives, unpublished documents and testimonials from historians including Frédérique Bergeret Malotaux RL & A Architects. (see the film)

The Buvette Cachat, an exciting construction site in Evian

The objective is to refurbish the building and highlight this architectural masterpliece of Art Nouveau, a testimony to the golden age of thermal baths in Evian. (see the video)

Reception of the 1st phase of the Troglodytic Site

The current project to rehabilitate the Barry's troglodytic site in Bollène site is about the restoration of houses dating from Roman times and the safety of the public. The first phase of work has been completed. During a second phase of work, the most ruined houses will be consolidated, the roofs will be restored or redone in local lauze.

Château de la Chaize - Réalisation du portail d'entrée

As part of the project of restoration and rehabilitation of the Domaine de La Chaize, the main entrance of the domain was created on an already existing access. Not being historically an access of honor, this portal has been treated with a functional simplicity and without ostentation. Made of wrought iron, it is held by two raised stone piles with pots. It is extended on both sides by a half-moon materialized by a wrought iron gate mounted on a stone base. The access path has been requalified and bordered by an alignment of ash and lime trees.

BARRY troglodyte site: rehabilitation, valorization and security

Start of the work of the troglodyte Barry site weakened by the wear of time
Following the master plan carried out by our agency in 2013 and restoration work on the chapel in 2014, the Ville de Bollène has again entrusted the project management to RL&A.
Restoration in conservation concerns more than 45 troglodyte dwellings spread over 4 sectors, terraces and pathways. The intervention aims to be as minimal as possible in order to ensure the "natural" conservation of the site, its security, and visitors' understanding of the intelligence of this habitat, in perfect osmosis with nature.